SuitConceptLearn About CrackerJack Games

CrackerJack Games LLC is an independent game company (starving artists) comprised of a small team of amply talented people who love video games and video game development. Between the core design team we share 20+ years of experience (some of us are old) in game design. We hail from different areas in the (middle of nowhere) USA and bring together a diverse set of expertise (expensive college degrees) to attempt to bring the world in our heads to gamers everywhere (anywhere).


Meet The Team

Allison “ElGato44” Summers [Artist]
Joseph “FFJump” Marin [Programmer]
John “Aeonbluestar” Waynick [Artist]
Joseph “twiceXremoved22” Wilhems [Designer]
Kerrigan “DarkQueen” Guthrie [Level Designer]
Maris “GamerQuest” De Mott [Marketing Manager]